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  • Vanessa Lee

First Impressions

The search for the right therapist.

Taking the leap to see a therapist can be a vulnerable step no matter where you are in life. So I want to start by acknowledging that therapy does not have to be something we dread, feel ashamed of, or makes us feel less than, but is really making a statement that we are putting our mental, emotional, and physical needs first in order to live as the version of ourselves we wish to be. It is ok to ask for help or support when we need it.

If this is your first time seeking a therapist or you are returning, know that just as your are an individual with unique wants and needs, each practitioner has a unique set of skills, training and personal approach. Because therapy is not a "one size fits" all field, I encourage you to look at this as an opportunity to look at yourself as being in the drivers seat and are empowered to determine if what is being offered will work for you. Ask questions and know that it is ok to change therapists if you are seeking something different.

When asked by a colleague what I envisioned for my own private practice that would align with my personal values, I created a mixed media collage using magazine cuttings, oil pastels and water colors (see photo above Right). The ability to integrate sustainability, balance, connection to community, creativity and holistic living are important aspects in helping my clients and nurturing my own growth and living a meaningful life. Because I feel that is important to make therapy services more accessible, especially for those who do not have insurance coverage or wish to pay out of pocket, I've intentionally chosen to keep my services affordable at this time while I am an LPC intern.

I feel fortunate to integrate the use of the art making process, when appropriate, into my work as it can provide physical connection to mind and body, visual record of what we might be experiencing in the present moment and evoke thoughts, feelings, words when we may not be able to find them. If you feel that you are searching for a deeper connection with yourself, whether you identify as "creative" or not, I encourage you to reach out and connect with myself or a therapist in your area to learn more about services being offered.

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